Staying healthy and finding a doctor that you like is what the app is about. Helping patients connect to clinicians via text, chat, telehealth visit or in person and to do so with a streamlined experience is what I am focused on.
There are several experience teams at Kaiser. I work on the experience team Help Me Navigate to Care. I lead the UX/UI design on the Find a Doctor/Doctor Search area of the app including Doctor Search Results, Doctor Details and Find a Facility Map and List views. I've recently created a minor facelift on the existing screens and have ensured they are accessible. Our team is migrating the Southern California web experience to native mobile. and have updated the Colorado and Georgia regions with regulatory requirements.

Due to the restrictions of my hiring company, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and MBO Partners, I am unable to post these revised screens until they are available to the general public. I work across regions of the flagship app. 
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