Welcome to my online portfolio.

Currently I live in the northeast in the Greater Boston area, I love the outdoors and nature.

Due to the nature of much of my work, I have not shown in great detail my process or screens for confidentiality reasons. I am able to walk through my process during a shared screen interview with you. I'll cover what was the situation, what were the tasks, what actions I took, and what were the results for the users and for the business.

I have led the UX design for projects including: discovery, persona development, Tasks to Do, user interviews, card sorting, flows, sketches, wireframes and medium and high fidelity comps, interaction design, using design systems and components that are available in libraries. Software I am proficient in: Figma, Miro, Sketch, Abstract, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe XD, Jira and Confluence.
I work on Agile teams using Agile Scrum. I enjoy strong partnerships with product managers, design leaders, writers and engineers. I am a communicator and am passionate about mobile, AI and technology. As technology and mobile evolves, so will user experiences. That is exciting to imagine what that could look like as our world changes.

Please take a look through my projects and contact me if you'd like to learn more.
Thanks for your interest!
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